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Have you watched the news lately? The All In Movement is a response to what we see going on in the world. We are bringing Christians together - those who want to make a difference, but don't know how - and allowing them to unite and serve on the issues they care about most with the device they use most - their mobile phone.

God is inspiring hearts across America to stand for Him - to respond to what is happening in the world, but many don't know how.  We plan to change that! Will you be a part of the response? Are you All In?


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      The start of football season is always an exciting time of year.  Friday night lights, cooler temperatures, and college game days are the kinds of things we dream about here in the south. I look forward to the rivalry games, the smell of gumbo, and the sound of bands marching into stadiums.  But whether or not I like football or you like football isn’t the question at hand. The question is, does God like football?
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    The American Dream

    This post won't contain any pictures or videos to entertain...just truth. Let me start by saying that I love America. Maybe I should clarify; I love what America was founded upon, but not what it’s become. I still love my country and like many of you, I hold onto the hope of what it could be again, but with each passing day my hope slowly fades into the thick fog of apathy that is in the air almost everywhere I go. Have you seen it in your city? The dark gray smog of apathy is so thick in most places that you can smell it and even taste it as you pass through.  That apathy will allow more than 3000 babies to be murdered today. That apathy allowed God’s sacred covenant of marriage to be redefined. That apathy causes us to walk by or even step-over people every day that have needs we could meet. I could go on and on.
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